Make Money While You Sleep

How can you make money while you sleep? This is kind of a passive income model that could eventually turn into a full-time passive income revenue stream. In this short blog I’m going to tell you some specific techniques to accomplish this task. If you decide that you only want to do 50% of it, the side effect is that your business increases revenue and online brand awareness. If you want to hear a live voice, just call us today.

There is an online ecosystem where everything works together. The hot buzzword over the last couple years has been “click funnels” but those of us that has been in this game for decades call it simply “online/digital marketing”. When done correctly it’s a beautiful system and everyone can do it. In this short blog I will tell you what is needed to accomplish this. For more details, please contact us today.

The first step is to have a fully functional website. A fully functional website does everything you want and meets all requirements of the search engines. A website validates you as a legit company. Your website should be selling and educating all potential and current clients 365 days per year, 7 days per week, and 24 hours per day. Imagine everything that you want to say to a current or potential client. Imagine most of the common questions a potential client may have is always answered on your website. Your client can call, text chat, video chat, fill out a form, or purchase a product online. Whatever your goals are, they should reflect in your website.

The next step (for some industries) is to have a Mobile App. Most people don’t realize that mobile applications are used more compared to websites. Most people spend 90+% of their time on mobile apps. I have clients that a mobile app has replaced 1-2 employees. It increases brand loyalty and revenue while allowing easy access. Click here to know more details about a mobile app.

SEO, PPC, and Social Media marketing are the next major steps to make this ecosystem a success. The quickest way to get ranked on top of the search engines is PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing. When someone is searching for a product or service it’s advantageous to make sure your ad shows up when you determine the right time and specific geographic. The Google Adwords (and other PPC platforms) allows you to granularly track everything. In addition, it can shadow someone around for a while to show your ads in hopes to click back to your website.

Majority of stuff seen on the search engines is organic. The process of getting ranked organically is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you are in a competitive industry, you can believe that on the first few pages of Google your competition is doing SEO. One of the many reasons why people enjoy SEO is because the unlimited clicks that your ad can receive without additional fees.

Almost every Social Media platform allows you to advertise to people that are interested in your product and services. Billions of people send several hours on these platforms daily. When you get someone to like, follow, tweet, or share your business page you are cultivating a client, referral source, and revenue stream for life. I could write a blog on this alone but contact us for more details. I haven’t even gone over the power of call tracking, programmatic marketing, Email marketing, CRM, and grass roots/guerilla marketing. It’s one big online/digital eco system.

I know everyone doesn’t have time to do all this themselves but click here for a few things that you can do on your own. Also, I know everyone can’t afford to pay a marketing company to utilize all these marketing platforms. You can start by doing one at a time and grow as you feel comfortable. The best time to start online marketing was 10 years ago and the 2nd best time is immediately. Contact us today for a personal consultation.