Promotional Videos

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  • Increase your brand awareness!!
  • Make someone’s day. How do you feel when someone gives you something?
  • Stay on top of someone’s mind!!
  • Build loyalty and show them you care!!
  • Reach hundreds or thousands at the click of a button.

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  • ***Send this digital card to client, friend, family member, associate, and/or stranger.
  • ***Post it on your social media pages, add it to the signature of your email that you use every day, add it to your newsletters, or email blast.

How it works in 4 easy steps:

  • 1. Contact us and let us know how many you want.
  • 2. Pay invoice.
  • 3. Send your logo, company name, phone number, and or url. We need at least one.
  • 4. Within 3 business days (usually 1) your video will be delivered to you.

Cost Of Promotional Videos

***Custom videos available for an additional price.

Samples Of Promotional Videos

New Years - Option 1 - Wish Big this New Year! 🎆 Order Your Customized Digital E-Card Now!

🎄 Spread Joy and Boost Morale with Custom Christmas E-Cards for Your Business! 🎅

Thanksgiving - Option 1 - Elevate Your Thanksgiving Greetings with Our Animated Ecard!

Thanksgiving - Option 2 - Share Heartfelt Gratitude with Our Sincere Thanksgiving Ecard!

Veteran's Day - Option 1 - Customized Digital E-Card

Veteran's Day - Option 2 - Digital E-Card *Customize this card

Halloween - Option 1 - Get into the Halloween spirit with our spooktacular for purchase digital ecard!

Halloween - Option 2 - Send some Halloween magic with our digital e-card!

Happy Labor Day - Option 1 - Customize this Digital Card

Happy Labor Day - Option 2 - Customize this Digital Card

Fourth of July - Option 2 - Independence Day - Customize this Digital Card Today

Fourth of July - Option 1 - Happy Fourth of July - Customize this Digital Card Today!

Celebrating Juneteenth, for purchase - Customize this Card

Father's Day - Option 1 - You're a Hero! Happy Father's Day! Customize this card

Father's Day - Option 2 - Happy Father's Day - Customize this Card

Memorial Day - Option 1 - Digital Card (purchase & customize)

Memorial Day - Option 2 - Digital Card (customize this card)

Mother's Day - Option 1 - Happy Mother's Day from..YOU! (customize this card)

Mother's Day - Option 2 - Happy Mother's Day Digital Video Card - Customize this Card

Easter - Option 1 - Happy Easter from You- Personalize this Card

Easter - Option 2 - Happy Easter from your Company! -Personalize this video card

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Option 1- From Your Company - Cheers to you!

Happy St. Patrick's Day - Option 2 - We are so Lucky - From your Company

Valentine's Day Option 1 - Happy Valentine's Day from YOUR COMPANY

Valentine's Day Option 2 - Happy Valentines Day - For your Customers, Clients and Staff (add your logo)

Option 1 - Happy New Year! Digital Card. Customize this digital card with your logo!!

Option 2 - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Digital Card - Add your company logo to this card

Option 3 - Happy New Year Digital Card - Add your Company Name and Logo to this card

Option 4 - Happy Holidays - Add your Company Name and Logo to this card