This is the most cost effective and overall best strategy for all companies. The “All in One” package from our West Palm Beach company consists of SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. These 3 platforms are how almost 98% of all purchases, advertisement, and research are done online. Managing all 3 platforms allows for a balanced approach to growing your business. This program is intended to put you into the prime positions to take advantage of this growth and spread out risk instead of putting all your eggs in one basket. Contact us today for a fantastic marketing experience.

Ibi Marketing’s CEO and founder developed, trained other companies, conceptualized, and has been the only person to be successful in fully executing the Ibi Plus Program. This exact SEO, PPC, and social media marketing program is not offered at other agencies. Call now to speak with the CEO and other knowledgeable managers.

The way people search, interact, and buy online has changed in big ways over the last 10 years. As of 2016, there are now over 3 billion social media profiles, representing over 60% of all Internet users worldwide. The majority follow brands (or other companies) online.

Search engines continuously change their algorithms, in fact Google has unleashed several versions of the Panda, Penguin, Payday, Rank Brain, and Mobile updates making dramatic changes to how SEO works, essentially changing the rules of the game every year. This has positively affected SEO campaigns for our West Palm Beach and national clients because we stay abreast on proper SEO techniques but this has caused dramatic issues for many companies on the World Wide Web. In fact we get phone calls on a regular basis dealing with this issue. Social media signals continue to be at the forefront of SEO; having major correlation between improved rankings and traffic.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement continues to dominate the market and evolve; unleashing remarketing (the ability to continue to display ads to your website visitors after they leave your site), unleashing product display ads, reviews, and much more into the search engine results pages.

These three forms of Internet marketing account for roughly 98% of all transactions made online and will only continue to grow in the coming years. This program is intended to put you into the prime positions to take advantage of this growth and spread out risk (instead of putting all your eggs in one basket). For example, 8 years ago if you only spent the majority of your marketing budget in print advertisements like newspapers you most likely have seen a positive return. What happens when your business demographics are no longer getting the newspaper? What happens when subscriptions for the newspaper severely decline? What happens when the newspaper goes out of business? What happens when the price of advertising in the newspaper doesn’t justify the Return on Investment? The same issue occurs with people investing in radio and television. This is an example of something that I have dealt with on many occasions when consulting with clients. This is an example of companies putting all their eggs in one basket. Doing the “All in One” eliminates this problem. Get started today.

Our West Palm Beach team will build out unique SEO, PPC, and social media marketing campaigns for three unique aspects of your business, each operating with their own account manager and unified under our project manager and/or director of marketing.

*”All in One Local” is also available at a discounted price. “All in One Local” focuses on a local market usually up to a 35 mile radius.