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Why your SEO strategy isn't working??

Plenty of potential clients come to us feeling that they have been burned or SEO doesn’t work. I totally understand why they feel that way. If you want it done correctly contact our SEO experts. Some potential customers tried to go the cheap route and you know the saying….. “you get what you pay for”. Some customers tried to do it themselves but didn’t realize the hours of studying and constant updating needed to run an efficient SEO campaign. Most customers just don’t know what to look for to determine their SEO campaign is successful. I will give you a few tips on what to look for to determine a success or failure of your SEO campaign. My recommendation is to hiring a professional to achieve one’s goals.

Keyword Research- This is the most fundamental part of any online marketing campaign but most do this wrong. Plenty of customers come to us say they have no idea what or why they choose certain keywords. Internet Business Ideas and Marketing does research, client feed backs, competitors, and keyword data. Once a campaign is going for a while we are always refining and reevaluating our keyword targets.

High or Low Bounce Rate – Otherwise known as low time on page is another indicator that your SEO campaign isn’t successful. Depending on the industry we feel 70%+ is high. Some exceptions are news feeds, blogs, many social platforms, and conversion landing pages. If people are going to your page and within seconds are leaving your page not only does Google penalize you for a high bounce rate but you most likely aren’t getting any conversions. Ibi Marketing also feels that a low bounce rate 20% or less is also a problem. This indicates that maybe analytic tools aren’t set up properly, duplicate coding, bad 3rd party add ons. Although this term and numbers are debated by many experts will agree with my generic assessment. For more detail information contact us today.

High Impressions and Low CTR- An impression is every time your ad is seen. CTR is the Clickthrough rate. How to determine CTR is the percentage of clicks vs. impressions. For example, if you had 100 impressions and 5 clicks your CTR is 5%. Depending on your industry the average CTR is 1.91%. Majority of Internet Business Ideas and Marketing clients achieves higher CTR’s than industry standard.

I always recommend to set realistic goals based on industry standards. More importantly I use 50+ combined years of experienced to make a hypothesis. Constantly test and refine your campaigns, study weekly due to constant algorithm changes, learn from industry leaders, and make it your primary job. If you can’t do all the above, then don’t complain if you don’t achieve your goals. Hire a professional and focus on what you do best. This is how the majority of businesses become and remain successful.