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Why you must have an ADA Compliance Website

Thank goodness St. Patty’s day is almost upon us because you will need the luck of the Irish if you get sued for not having an ADA compliant website. Look on the top right corner of my website and click the ADA logo to see some of the features.

Let there be no doubt that you can be sued for your website not being compliant. Call now to prevent such an event. Imagine someone who is looking for your product and services and lands on your website. They are looking to purchase $2,000 worth of your products that you offer. This potential customer has a disability (like sight or hearing) and they can’t properly access the information your web page has to offer. As a result, you have lost a client and perhaps gained a lawsuit. Click here to see most common list of industries that are involved in these type of lawsuits.

To stay abreast on being compliant with every state takes a lot of work and constant updating. Ibi Marketing has a solution. That solution is a wonderful widget starting at $30 per month. CONTACT US TODAY to get this affordable solution. Most nationwide lawsuits are settling for $50,000+. In 2019, according to an analysis by an international law firm, web accessibility federal lawsuits hit record numbers, with 11,053 suits filed in federal court, an 8.8% increase from 2018. 2020 exceeded that in June by almost 10%. In our educated opinion, we expect 2021 to have an increase of at least 20% and not slowing down anytime soon.

Internet Business Ideas and Marketing LLC believes that everyone should have an equal opportunity to information. Anyone that isn’t providing such an opportunity is ignorant or selfish. To allow more people to have access to your website is a benefit and is kind. It gives you as the website owner an opportunity to improve brand awareness and increase revenue. What is stopping you from at least finding out more? Contact us today or at least read a little more about ADA Compliance on this link.