Why Have A Holiday Marketing Strategy?

If you have a business and don’t have a marketing strategy for the holidays then you are missing out on over $20 billion that the world spends on products and services in the U.S. during those time periods. Holidays happen all throughout the year but the majority of spending comes between October 30th and February 14th (about 3.5 months). People from all over the world take advantage of these deals during this time period. It’s not too late, contact us today for a strategy specifically for your company.

Here is the list of the holidays that generate the most consumer spend per year and in no particular order (created in 2020):

· New Year.

· Martin Luther King Jr. Day

· Presidents Day

· St. Patrick's Day

· Easter

· Mother’s Day

· Memorial Day

· Father’s Day

· Fourth of July

· Amazon Prime Day

· Tax-Free weekends

· Labor Day

· Columbus Day

· Black Friday

· Christmas

· Hannukah

· Kwanzaa

· Cyber Monday

· Super Saturday

· New Year’s Eve

· Valentine’s Day

At Ibi Marketing we recommend planning at least 2 months prior to the holiday to construct the most efficacious strategy. Although we don’t recommend waiting till the last moment however it’s never too late. Do yourself a favor and allow plenty of time to plan ahead for your holiday marketing strategy because you may experience an influx of traffic and you want to be sure all your technical affairs are in order.

Keep your holiday strategies simple. This isn’t the time to start experimenting and being someone you’re not. If you want to experiment, we recommend you do this throughout the year while Internet Business Ideas and Marketing llc is optimizing your campaigns.

The holidays are known for having extremely good discounts. For example, at Internet Business Ideas and Marketing LLC we are practically creating websites, doing SEO, and PPC campaigns for Free. This offer is currently available for the months of October, November, December, and January only. You will experience a lot of competition during all those holidays mentioned earlier. Make sure you’re clearly incentivizing shoppers to visit your store and complete a purchase. Remember this price you’re offering doesn’t happen often.

There are many reasons why you want to have a strategic online marketing campaign especially during the holidays. For example, do you know your market audience, their behavior, and competition market share during those times? If you don’t devote enough resources your competition can gain market share. Every holiday and year aren’t the same there for you must be flexible.

Conclusion: Contact Internet Business Ideas and Marketing for an holiday marketing strategy. IT’S FREE. If you want to grow your business, create brand awareness, get new clients, and retain your current clientele then a holiday marketing strategy is what you’re looking for.

Make it a prosperous and blessed holiday season.