Are your rankings suffering? Seen a drop in revenue? Google rolled out another broad core algorithm update on April 16th and was confirmed on Twitter.

Google SearchLiaison@searchliaison

On Monday, we released a broad core algorithm update, as we routinely do throughout the year……………… 2:26 PM - Apr 20, 2018

We all know that Google releases a variety of algorithms frequently. We also know that a similar algorithm was released within the last 60 days. Via twitter and rebroadcasted via various platforms, the “broad core” algorithm update is something that will occur on a regular basis throughout the year.

Google’s main goal is to improve search results and to insure relevant content. After all the main goal is to get searchers the most relevant answer to their queries.

My suggested solution: It’s not easy to answer via a short blog post but feel free to contact us for more information. One recommendation is to update your content. Proper social media post, understanding your analytics, building out your webpages, and proper Search Engine Optimization are also great starts. The next and most important is make your content more relevant to the people who are searching for it.