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How can I compete with these HUGE Companies??

How can an SMB (small & medium size business) compete with a large company? How can an SMB compete with a firm that spends 10x their budget every month? This is a question that I hear all the time at conventions and seminars that I speak at. No worries I have many answers and will provide a few for you right now.

Hire a good Agency: Obviously Internet Business Ideas and Marketing is an agency that manages fortune 500 and many SMB’s as clients. So we know both sides of coin. A good agency will give you an opportunity for your ad to be seen just as much as the competition. Hire someone that will set proper expectations, has experience, will intimately learn about your business, and desires to have you as a lifelong client. SMB’s need tender loving care and a marketing company must be able to provide that service with reasonable time expectations.

Don’t be the cheapest on market: You will never compete with Amazon, Macy’s, Target, Walmart, and many others on price. STOP DOING IT because very few SMB’s succeed with this strategy. Give your product a fair market value but excel with customer service and remarketing. Be very specific with your ads and let people know the value of your company and product. Being a small company allows you to be more flexible and use that to your advantage.

Create your own ad: Don’t copy what the big boys do. Create your own unique ad copy (especially with PPC and SEO). Be specific with your ads and focus in markets you can win immediately. Focus on products (keywords) that a big firm doesn’t put much effort in. Craft keywords that is unique to that local region, landmarks, and specific language. These are things the big firms don’t know or have time to think about. I like to call this going after the low hanging fruit. This technique will cost you less while increasing revenue.

Customer Service: Most big brands desire a shotgun approach to get business and reach the masses. Big retailers don’t have the man power to give quality service that most clients desire. Once that client clicks on your ad over the competition kill them with kindness and customer service. Create a special experience so they will love you. Once they become a client, keep in touch so they will upgrade, purchase other products, and refer your business.

I have at least 20 MORE SPECIFIC TECHINIQUES used for Website Design, Mobile Apps, Social Media Marketing, SEO, and PPC. If you are interested just contact us and we will be more than happy to help.