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Back to School tips during Covid-19

Congratulations and welcome back to school for students of all ages regardless if it’s virtual or in person. I feel education is passport to the future and the discovery of one’s ignorance. Most parents have replenished a bond with their off springs that money can’t buy but there are also parents who are ecstatic about getting their children out of the house. Don’t judge… Do what is best for your family while keeping EVERYONE safe that you come in contact with.

Another positive thing about children going back to school is that parents/guardians can go back to work. Those who own their own business or are the decision makers at their corporation, Ibi Marketing can help you increase revenue and brand awareness. This is essential for the growth of one’s company to maintain gainful employment. Contact us today for more information. Getting people to go back to work is essential to the economy recovering. However, we don’t want to rush and have a big rebound so hold your school board and local government accountable. These procedures are constantly changing but always check National CDC guidelines and see if your school are using the proper procedures. Make sure your place of employment is following similar procedures to keep you safe as well. Please don’t listen to the pundits and politicians. Get updates from the scientist and physicians themselves hence the reason for the CDC link provided. Here are some ideas of hygienic kits for students to have upon returning to school (

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I wrote this article so people will have a resource of credible information. I also wanted to provide some assistance in navigating a covid-19 back to school preparation. May everyone be safe, smart, healthy, and do unto others and you would have them do unto you.