3 Reasons why you need online marketing today!!

#1: YOU’RE A LOSER- You’re losing market share every day when you don’t have a proper online marketing strategy. Your competition is gaining more market share and taking your customers because you are stuck in the early 2000’s. If you want to beat your competition and be a WINNER implement a strong marketing strategy like https://ibimarketing.com/our-services/all-in-one-ppcseosmm

#2: YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS- Digital marketing is said to be “the best measurable marketing medium ever”. Analytics offered in Search Engines and major Social Media platforms will tell you what your customers like, looking for, who are they, and when they are looking. Having digital analytics for your website is like having a Profit and Loss for your business. As you know, every business owner needs to know your P&L to be successful. It amazes me that people don’t know their online numbers otherwise known as analytics. Contact us today to get this set up for you. https://ibimarketing.com/contact-us

#3: YOU HAVE NO CHOICE- If you want to be relative now days you must have an online marketing strategy. Customers have too many choices and if you want to be relevant you need an online presence. 1.5 Trillion annual searches worldwide on just Google. How many people is that billboard, radio, television, and print ad being seen by? Because our CEO has worked in all the industries above I can answer that…… YOU DON’T KNOW. That’s one of many advantages online marketing has over traditional marketing.